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No house parties

Luxury Stay does not allow nor condone house parties of any kind. Our goal is to be respectful of the neighborhoods we rent properties in and in no way permits renters, from setting up "House Parties" of any kind. Recently, we had to evict a large group of unauthorized individuals who overwhelmed the area and our home without permission. This type of behavior is NOT tolerated and if we discover (via surveillance methods) that our guests are disturbing the neighbors we will have police evict you from our home. Your security deposit will be forfeited, your credit card charged for excess damages and legal action will follow.


The minimum age to rent our homes is 25 years old. We do not allow anyone under 25 years old to sign the lease.

If you are 25 and sign the lease, your guests in the home with you must be at least 18 years old (with exception of children).

Please call us about our prom and youth rental policy. We may be able to help you with a rental.